The Saratoga Location for our film is very exciting. There have been many good films that have garnered the Academy Award from Saratoga. "Billy Bathgate" starring Dustin Hoffman, and with the Teamster Unions/all the set crews controlled by my partner Paul A. DiCocco, got a nomination as did John Housman in "Ghost Story." A few other race track movies did not get national acclaim but did make it to the Movie Houses and the small screen. Years ago, during the hay days of Saratoga Gambling, controlled by Meyer Lansky and his associates, many Hollywood stars came to Saratoga during the summer. Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney, Ava Gardner, and even the famous Judy Garland. There were 9 major old style fashion Casino's plus the Famous Race Track. The Casinoes were closed in 1952 by the Governor but the Racing Season lived on. We hope that our Latin Special Spice Actresses will give this American Production some extra flare! We will be shooting in the Casino, The Flat Track, The Polo Club (Mike Craft Sr. is a member), The Famous Harness Track, and the Famous Gideon Putnam Hotel, plus shooting scenes around the beautiful resort city of Saratoga. Our actresses and actors will be staying just out side the city limits at a local motel. All food and rooms will be supplied. Our pay scales will be determined by the Films final budget. Our Latin American Special actresses will be flying coach on an international airlines according to special rates. We look forward to interviewing all our prospective Actors and actresses from all over the world.