The "Independent Movie" Business is very difficult and demanding. People engaged in this business are usually dedicated to the finished product, thinking that "this movie will be the greatest", or not! In Woodstock, New York, in the spring of 2016, with many scenes to be shot in Chatham, New York, and Cobleskill,N.Y., we will be embarking on a new type of production style. This style has never been used on the big screen. It was originally adapted by Jackie Gleason in the 1950's, and proved successful for him. We are not trying to say that our yet to be completed cast, can be as good as the "Honey Mooners" but we can learn from "the great one" and attempt to add natural movements and situations in the picture. Jackie Gleason was a "comic wizard", in that he did not use a script. He made everyone in the cast use situation cards, (cue cards), to set up the next scene. (We will be using television big screens, Cue Cards,  and a master computer operator). Jack was so quick that Art Carney, himself a comic wizard, had a hard time following Jackie Gleason. They were a great duo until they had a falling out. It is terrible that these great acting partners had falling outs. Whether it was Lucy & Desi, Gleason & Carney, Martin & Lewis, or just the Beetles! The greatest partnerships sometimes fail, as in normal life. This Production shall be mostly shot in Woodstock/Cobleskill and Saratoga, during the 145th running of the oldest race meet in the Nation. It will be shot at the Harness Track and the Casino, also! The "Movie" will be Produced by Dr. Mike Craft Sr. D.D. and his Associated Company, and will be cast by the same. The film crew and associate producer are previously with FOX! Because this "Indie Film" has a "musical score", BMI shall of course be notified. All music Copy Rights and Film Copy Rights have been secured! There will be quite a few scenes filmed in Chatham, New York, because of the beauty of the main street and the warmth of the people! Open call auditions shall be held in the early spring of 2016. We can not give out the scripting/layout details due to the extensive secrecy/copyright standards of the production! We have discovered a fabulous new young Model in Albany, New York! Ashley O is one of the most off the cuff talents we have ever seen! She is beautiful also! We look forward to our Premier in Woodstock N.Y., in our own Venue, during The Woodstock Film Festival of 2016, and the Film Columbia, in 2016! We shall be premiering this movie in the Hamptons also, in our own Venue, plus Independent Movie Houses all over New York, New England, and the Middle Atlantic States. The rest of the nation shall follow! We want the Public to view our Production in all 5 days and nights of these Film Festivals! We are grateful to the Frank Sinatra Invitational Golf Tournament and Ms. Barbra Sinatra, for the nice letters and up to the minute postings on the Tournament. Ms. Sinatra is a real lady. Dr. Mike Craft Sr. was a night club friend of Frank Sinatra Sr.'s, in Vegas, during his time with the Lansky Group! We will be dedicating this film to the Barbara Sinatra Foundation, The Food Banks of America, Catholic Charities, and The New Upstate Junior College which is now forming! The casting of this movie will proceed, and hopefully with the help of Bruno Chatlin at, it will be a good cast! We will be having an open casting call in April, and hope to benefit from the local talent. In discussing the upcoming film, Dr. Craft Sr. "had" decided to go to the birthday party for Bob Dylan, in Hudson, New York, at the Helsinki Restaurant and Night Club, back on May 24th, 2014. Mike had been a fan of Bob Dylan since the early sixties, and actually has "Positively Forth Street" as one of his most favorite songs. Mike had recorded, as a studio singer, in the 60's! Like a lot of club singers, in their youth, Mike laughingly says, "I was a better gangster than singer, but I was not too bad"! "I just hated the road, I hated 5 sets a night, so my music career ended in 1968, with the first pay check (cash in an envelope) from Meyer Lansky's associate in Saratoga, Doc Farone". The Film has great promise! It is being shot with a new 3 camera system, utilizing 3 separate computers and 3 computer programs, devised by Dr. Craft Sr's Film and Production crew. A new type of digital sound system will be used, saving more than $140,000.00 in 7 weeks. The Saratoga Raceway and Casino has expressed interest in allowing much of the Race Track scenes to be shot at the 'Harness Track"! Dr. Craft Sr. is very excited and has decided to utilize the "Harness Racing Aspect" rather than the Flat Track, for the Racing background! The Casino Management has spoken to Dr. Craft Sr. and asked to be personally kept up to speed! Ms. Nora Berringer, of Lyon, France, has committed to a lead supporting role, as a show girl, and love interest! She is our Kim Kardasian look alike. Wait until you see her! Nora is great! The new addition of computer technician/web developer and 2nd assistant transportation director Mr. Brian Browski is met with lots of enthusiasm! Dr. Craft Sr. has secured a special acting coach and advisor for his actors, and actresses, and will also hold an "Acting School" for the entire cast, for 1 week, with the full 7 week version of filming, before the production begins! Dr. Craft Sr. would like to explain to the audience that this movie is being shot in only 7 weeks, plus a 1 week acting school, and not the usual 30 weeks. Dr. Craft Sr. will also be shooting feature length, short time limit filming, weekend films, to complement the feature films! These special projects are shot in 3- 10 hour days, using scene specific sets and actors! Yes, it is new, but so are we! The pay scales are limited by that fact and a real tight budget! The movie is dependent on our stars accepting their full service contracts and rider clauses for at least 3 more movies, without monatary deposit until the first day of shooting!  We hope to have all our supporting actors and actresses on board soon. The Company would also like to announce the acceptance, in pro-forma form, and media release, of Joe Calderone. Joe, as upstate New York knows, was a YNN Sports/person/sports editor. He has done a few pre-trailers with photo models!! Joe was great in these trailers as was Dr. Craft Sr.! Joe is a natural actor and maybe should have been a "Gangster", he did so well. The company is very happy to have Joe on board! The Company, which has not accepted one nickle of cash, due to the high interest rates, from alternative lenders, as they are politely called, is operating on a wing and a prayer, and is starting the crowd funding platform on ! Dr. Craft Sr. does not receive one cent, as of yet! Dr. Craft Sr. D.D. (which means Doctor of Divinity) and his associate director are scouting for the proper cast members all over the web and on the street! Beautiful girls go hand in hand with a romantic R rated feature length film! We again welcome all our new actors and actresses to the Fabulous Woodstock Action Drama! FOR ANY INFORMATION, PLEASE EMAIL  Yes, that is  Good life to all! Remember to email   Much Happiness to All!  Remember email us at  This website is for informational purposes only and it is hoped that those actors or actresses interested in the fine art of movies, will email us! Thank You!